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posted 2018 Jul by Jeff Henderson — 0 comments

So anyone who's been to the ePartsland "compound" knows, that it's quite a place.  Interior square footage of the warehouse alone is over 10,000 Sq feet.  And the house that "came with it" is even larger.  The primary purpose of the buy on this property was being able to have a well secured warehouse with modern fire suppression, and cameras.  There is a lot of inventory in there.  But this giant house that also "came with it" was always somewhat of a question.


So what did I do with the house?  Well I live in it!  I also am an AirB&B superhost, and I have hosted hundreds of guests.  The ePartsland warehouse is also here.  Anyone in the ares, look for my listing on the airB&B in Reading - you can stay at the ePartsland compound, check out the Saab Fleet.

If you pop up to the garage while I'm working, you will almost always find me tinkering around with some old car like my Metro RallyX car, or Saab 900 24 hours of Lemons car (not a misspelling)


I also wanted to mention I have a new part time employee that will be helping me list new items.  Hopefully we are able to keep the listing quality as good as always- I know, I never have a single screwed up listing.... HA!

one last run on thought.  I wanted to say I appreciate all my customers on ePartsland.  I have now had over 10,000 sales!  This is huge for us.

2016 Blog!

posted 2016 Oct by Jeff Henderson — 0 comments

Well it's about to be Halloween, and not far off from 2017 and we all figured it was time for a new entry.


Well, we have been busy.  Busy shipping busy posting new items, and busy handling customer service.  


There have been many customers (and an almost equal amount of happy customers!) and in the late half of 2016 as well as 2017 we hope we will have more of the same.   Saab customers, Volvo customers, All makes and models.  We sell parts!  at reasonable prices with a warranty.  It's our job and we enjoy it.

The EPL Blog - Busy busy busy me!

posted 2014 Oct by Jeff Henderson — 1 comments

I hardly ever get to blog here... because I am always too busy stocking the shelves.  But I like to keep things current and as always to our customers - if you want anything special that's not listed on our website, please e-mail me and I will try my best to get it added to our catalog.  Also, if anyone finds a product that lists as inventory 0 you can always e-mail us and see if I can get it for you in a reasonable amount of time, if so, you can then place the order (even if inventory lists as "0") - if it turns out I just can't get it back in stock we always refund fully.  I am "out there" almost every day searching for products our customers want and need!

ePartsland - a tail of 3 friends & our customers? I want to hear from our customers $200 if I use your story!

posted 2014 Jul by Jeff Henderson — 1 comments

It is fairly unlikely that this website would exist without the help I have gotten from my 2 best friends, Paul and Erica!  Without them, This website would likely not exist today.


And for me- Jeff?  I get the parts, and I do the writing for the listings.  I love doing this, and it's one of the only reasons I bother to get up some mornings!  That, and I like helping out customers save money on their car repairs!  I love hearing about customer success stories, so please.  If you have one, tell us about it.  If I use your story in one of our upcoming blog entry, I will give a $200 store credit - you can use it on anything in the store, or even give me a "special request" - even if it's NOT something in the store, I will get it for you if I can!  For our Saab/Volvo customers this is a potentially great value, we have a LOT of inventory for you guys.

Yes! We sell a lot of products here!

posted 2014 Feb by Jeff Henderson — 0 comments

Order / #4000 Feb 16, 2014, 2:43am


Yep, on Feb 16, 2014 at 2:43AM, we sold our 4000th product at!  A Saab 900 Turbo ignition distributor.  Heres to another 4000 products, and 4000 more happy customers!


As always...  If you can't find the part you are looking for, please send us a parts request and I will do my best to get it for you.   Anything quirky, weird, European, French... I can get it!

We only sell top quality parts!

posted 2014 Jan by Jeff Henderson — 0 comments

Unlike many of our competitors, many parts that we sell we actually test!  Many of the cars we sell parts for, we also have in our own personal fleet.  Saab SID's BMW 750il ECU's Jetronics of many different types, switches, boost pressure control valves, LED lights, idle valves, etc ect etc we do a brief test on to verify operation.  Case and point?  Saab 9-5 climate control units.  If one was to buy a random un-tested unit on ebay, there is about a 50/50 shot that you will get a working one, or one that there is SOMETHING wrong with.  With us?  I plug these into my personal 1999 9-5, and make sure they have working bulbs, the display works properly, the flaps work properly, and that there are no codes stored in the ACC unit for faults after a couple minutes of operation.  about 50% of the units I test FAIL this test in some way!  I do not pass these problems on to our customers, I make sure they are getting a GOOD used unit!  Bulk bad units I sell to re builders.


You may see this in some of our prices!  Yes, we are not always the cheapest, but if you get a bad unit for cheaper somewhere else, and have to return it, and try again... well, was it really cheaper?  I don't think so unless your time is worth nothing!  Anything we are capable of testing, we do test.  Other items which we can not test come with a 30 or 60 day warranty, so you can always send an item back to us.  I have a well used ohm meter, many test vehicles, and a dedication to customer service! 


As always, our items come out of salvage crash damage cars most typically, and never come out of flood or fire damaged cars - "crash damaged" on most older cars can be as minor as slight damage to a fender and a door.  Insurance companys total cars these days for the most minor of damages. this means that even on items we were not able to test, they came out of an operational car, and have a very very high probability of functioning properly.

We have almost everything you can find on our website, IN STOCK and ready to ship.

posted 2013 Dec by Jeff Henderson — 0 comments

Unlike many of our competitors, We have a very large amount of inventory.  Easily 30,000 items in our warehouse!  Almost everything in our warehouse we actually have, sitting on out shelves ready to ship out to our customers!  Very few others have this level of inventory.  That's why we have that hard to find used part, ready to ship to you today, and the other guys don't.


And like I always say?  Our inventory is ever increasing.  If you need something that we don't have... let us know!  Good chance I can get it for you.  It's my Job!

Does anyone read my blog posts?!

posted 2013 Nov by Jeff Henderson — 2 comments

I don't exactly post a lot of blog posts here, but I do try to post when ever I feel there is something reverent on my mind related to our business!  I know... You are probably just looking for a Peugeot air flow meter, or a Saab 900 Turbo ECU, or another odd-ball part... so there is not a lot of call to read my blog.  But.  I often times feel like what I do many people think is less than important.  My one friend Chris told me (in jest) - "Everything you do turns to shit" - well, many of my ventures over the years have, and at least I tried... but as for ePartsland, I have had nothing but success!  I like to think what I do no one else can or would!  So if you needed some part that was going to cost you $1000, and you got it from us for $200, and it got your car going again, please tell me about it.  It will make me happy, and I will do my job another day!  Because... I honestly like helping our customers save money and keeping their cars going.  It's the reason I do this!  If it were "all about the money" I would probably be in another job.  But I like doing what I do, and I want our customers to be happy with their purchase from us.

Want that $500 part for $100? Maybe we can help.

posted 2013 Nov by Jeff Henderson — 1 comments

In the words of Ben Folds "Some guy on the net thinks I suck, and he should know he's got his own blog!" Haha.  Anyway... I don't think anyone sucks, but often times the prices for new parts from OEM equipment manufacturers does!  One of the primary things I do here is try to save people some money on a repair that their car needs.  Do you need a part for your car that would end up costing you $300,$500 $1000 or more for the part alone if you bought it new?  Don't!  Get it good used from us.  If you need something you think we should be selling, let us know and I will start stocking it.


Also, we try to keep discontinued or so called "no longer available" parts on our shelves.  Again, if you need something we don't have, please e-mail.  I will get it "on my list" and try to get it in inventory for you!

What a pain in the neck....

posted 2013 Oct by Erica Jacobson — 0 comments

I'm not a huge fan of country music. I haven't analyzed it quite as much as dance music (oh, 103.5 KTU, the things you taught me about Rihanna and Maroon 5 I'll carry with me for at least another week or two), but it seems to fall into two categories - a singing list of nouns the performer likes or a singing list of really crappy things that have happened to the performer. There is no grey in country music, either your ass is in the sand and your toes are in the surf and life is good or your car's broken down, the dog's run off and your spouse is also MIA. 

Back in April 2009, even the surf and sand of Cleveland, Ohio, where, for the record, my ass and toes never feared to tread, was breaking up with me. So was a varied, more than decade-long career in journalism. Who knew that the depths of the Great Repression would have a small business magazine in northeast Ohio in its sights? But, there I was, a unsuspecting doe wandering about underneath a deer blind inhabited by a particularly spiteful economic downturn.

So, when my job left Cleveland on a train, I took it to mean that the fasten seatbelts sign had been turned off and I was free to move about the universe again. The universe took it to mean it was time to shove cowboy boots on my feet and drop the needle on the record. And there I was, almost to the happy freedom of Pennsylvania in my Li'l Red Saab 900 when, at a quick fill-up at the last stations in Ohio, crack and tonk. The nozzle was in the filler neck and the fuel door was on the ground.


I know when I'm beat and when sticking a finger in fate's eye means the whole world goes without fuel door flaps, so onto the passenger side floor it went to wait a month or two until I could swap filler necks. I'm not going to say that helped get things back on track with the rest of my life, but it at least made her look a little less ragged.

If your luck hasn't been as good and your gas door has been everywhere but on the side of your car, check out Chief's latest offering. We don't have a Talladega Red in stock, but if your '94 ComEd convertible is missing it's lid, we've got you covered.




Classic Saabs! I know you are out there...

posted 2013 Jul by Jeff Henderson — 1 comments

I keep seeing you classic Saab drivers!  Last weekend on PA-73 (after several weeks lull) I spotted 3 saab classic 900's on the move!  2 convertibles, and one SPG. 


Any PA classic Saab drivers out there?  I am one too!  E-mail me with your VIN, I'll give you a 30% discount code for anything for your classic Saab on our website!  I love classic Saabs, and I want them to stay on the road!  It's one of the reasons we are in business.  Also, special requests?  I can get almost ANYTHING for classic 900's!  Let me know what you need and I will get it posted here for sale!  Pick up is available.

Who writes for Epartsland? That's me.

posted 2013 Jul by Jeff Henderson — 0 comments

Yep, I do the writing!  It has been said that I have a "unique?" writing style.  Some say unique, some say nonsensical!  Anyway, most of my writing is technical in nature, so how I write does not really matter as long as I have the tech stuff & the part numbers right!  But, if you do actually read my listings (unlike MOST of our customers!), you will find a story or 2 in there.  Sometimes I get board listing things!  So... I will tell a story along with a wiring harness!  Can you tell?  I have a passion for this. 



Saabs Saabs... "Tell me a Saab story"

posted 2013 May by Jeff Henderson — 0 comments

 "Tell me a Saab story" is something I have heard for years!  In many circles, I am known simply as "the Saab guy".  I like to think I am more than that! But... there is some truth.  Everywhere I go, I usually have a Saab with me, or at least, Saab parts.  I am always on the look out for Saabs, I am always looking for the next best Saab car and or Saab parts for sale!  If it's a good used Saab part you are looking for, for a fair price, chances are I either have it, or can get it for you.  Although the website inventory is ever increasing, There is a lot of Saab parts I can get, or have in inventory that it is just not realistic to have on the website in inventory due to limited demand.

 If you need something for your Saab, please shoot me an e-mail . I will do my best to get it for you, at a great price.  Last guy who e-mailed got himself a red velour rear seat for his 1978 Saab 99 turbo for $50!  Pick up's are available, and as always- if you pick something up from us and you own a Saab, you may end up spending some time "talking Saab!"

Need any Saab/ Volvo parts? Free delivery to Carlisle event on May 17th 18th & 19th.

posted 2013 Apr by Jeff Henderson — 0 comments

Jeff: This is a great show with a large Volvo / Saab showing!  We go every year.  Anyone need something Saab / Volvo, or BMW related, even something not listed on our website, delivered to the Carlisle faIrgrounds?  Well, we can do it for free, and even knock some cost off the price of the item. 

Come to Carlisle, meet the ePartsLand crew, and buy some parts you need! Find us hanging around the PAIR of Saab 99 Turbos!

Erica: What Chief is trying to say here is that Carlisle is the best fun you can have in a field in Pennsylvania with, in or under all of your favorite import cars.

If you're coming with a Saab, make sure you check in with the Central Penn Saab Club so your car is counted toward their goal of 300+ Saabs on the showfield in 2013. Pre-registration is closed at present, but drop them a line to let them know you're coming.

Parts pricing, and the parts you need!

posted 2013 Apr by Jeff Henderson — 0 comments

Our parts pricing takes into account many things.  What we pay for parts, what others sell parts for, and what we need to make some sort of profit.  We always try to offer our parts at the BEST PRICE anywhere!  Often times, we WILL have the best price anywhere, please shop around and compare.  Occasionally, we have a good price, but you might find an even better price.  If you do, feel free to shoot us an e-mail, along with a link to the item with the better price.  If it's an identical item, there is a good change we can beat it, and offer you up to a 10% discount!  Keep in mind, we DO sell mostly used parts, in GOOD condition with a warranty, and we must require any 10% price match discount parts have a identical or better warranty than ours. always wants to be the best price possible on quality good used parts, with a 30 day warranty, and we want be sure of that!  Please Please Please!  If you find a better price contact us.  Good chance we can beat the price you found and save you money!

Bon voyage, Lesharo ECU.

posted 2013 Mar by Erica Jacobson — 1 comments

My grandparents had a small beef cattle farm when I was a kid. Our cows weren't so much commodities as mostly dim companions who watched us go about our business with mild amusement and lots of masticating. 

About the most trouble they ever gave us was the occasional too early wake-up moo from the empty grain feeder in the barn or a poorly timed group drink from the water trough in the front field. Anyone in the shower at that moment usually screamed and leaped out from below the suddenly scalding water as the cows slurped all of the cool water from the well.

Except, of course, for some of the bulls. Hormones speeding through their bodies like BMWs on the Autobahn, they got screwy ideas in their heads that almost always involved busting through the fence, electrical shock be damned. Once free, a stray bull would run off to visit the neighbors or stand in the middle of the driveway. One even decided to go after his perceived oppressors, head-butting the corner of the house before galloping off toward my grandfather's garage. On the day when the slaughterhouse truck pulled up, you couldn't help but think of the delicious burgers and steaks they were about to become.

That's more or less how I feel about our Lesharo ECU leaving the ePartsLand ranch today. Not because it did anything particularly wrong while it was on the shelf, but more so for the trouble it was poised to cause. You see, Jeff is fascinated with that era/generation/iteration of motor homes. That unit is likely going to a vehicle cared enough for by its owner to keep it on the road. Jeff is not looking to one day buy that kind of motor home. Always on the hunt for a bargain, we usually end up looking at vehicles where, if someone hasn't been murdered in them, they've clearly been used as a prop on "Forensic Files." 

Now, I'm not silly enough to think that simply selling a Lesharo ECU will solve this problem or end the search. If anything, it will drive Jeff to find another unit for the inventory and for the "just in case" scenario. But, godspeed, little Lesharo ECU. Someone buying you has bought me a little more time to get used to the idea of having one of your kind in our fleet.



Google a part number for your ECU, Bet we have it!

posted 2012 Nov by Jeff Henderson — 0 comments

 Looking for a 0280000585?  How about a MAC14?  Maybe a DAC4118... or a 06A906032MD, or maybe it's just a simple 53008921?  Many of our customers find us by googling their part number.  Were you one of them?  

Support your local small business!

posted 2012 Oct by Jeff Henderson — 0 comments

 We are a small business, Most of our supply comes from small businesses.  We are a USA owned company, and have ties to many local communities where our parts come from.  Money you spend with us, goes back into the US economy at the local level, you are not sending your money to some far off land.  I know, this might be a bit of a boring post, but I just wanted our customers (and potential customers) to know, you are not ordering from some multi national corporation, you are ordering from us!  Paul, Jeff or Erica, at 

Saab Saab... Hard to find Saab parts

posted 2012 Sep by Jeff Henderson — 4 comments

Since the bankruptcy of Saab, Many various saab parts have been either getting hard to find, or have gotten more expensive.  We try to specialize in a good selection of used, high value Saab parts, and pass the savings onto our customers.  Have a Saab part you are looking for?  Search our website.  We might have it!  If we don't, we might be able to get it for you...  If you let us know about that $300 sensor you are looking for... or what ever it is! e-mail us!  We might be able to get it for you for 1/3 the cost.   Even parts that are listed by Saab Parts USA as "no longer available" - NLA - we can still get for you in good used condition.

Can't find an ECU on our website, or anywhere else? We can help.

posted 2012 Jul by Jeff Henderson — 1 comments

 We have connections in the ECU business.  If you can't find an ECU listed on our website, or if you find one listed on our site as out of stock, or simply can't find the right part number unit anywhere! Please shoot us an e-mail, and include the part number and the model of the car and we may be able to help find you the right ECU for a reasonable price, in a reasonable amount of time.  If we can't do it, we can direct you to someone who can.

E-partsland is here to help our customers keep their cars on the road!

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Shelf Life - Tales from the ePartsLand Stockroom

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