Jeff: “Hi, I’m Jeff! (under the car)”
Paul: “And I’m Paul. (up top)”
Jeff: “Since 1997, ePartsland has searched high and low to find quality used parts for your early ‘80s to mid-’90s European automobiles. We’re the same guys you know from eBay, only here we are finding fine used Saab components for our new store!”
Paul: “Jeff!”
Jeff: “OK, so we were actually fixing this car. You’re right. We shoulda parted it, though, while we had the chance.”
Paul: *sigh* “What Jeff really means to say here is we understand how much you love working on your car because we love working on our cars, too.”
Jeff: “Now, Paul, if you remember, technically, this isn’t our car. Our car was parked next to this one, perfectly fine and not leaking from its transmission case. Although it was getting harder and harder to turn right in our car because of that steering rack issue….”
Paul: *sigh* “Right. What I’m really trying to say, and I think Jeff is too, is that we know spare parts so well because we’ve worked everything from Mercedes Benzes to Volkswagens, Saabs to Volvos and even the spare Cadillac hearse. ”
Jeff: “Don’t forget the Sunbird.”
Paul: “Yeah, wouldn’t want to forget that beast.”
Jeff: “And that sweet 1973 Toyota Chinook camper we picked up.”
Paul: “Don’t remind me.”
Jeff: “And that 1973 GMC Motorhome you made me look at because you thought it would be a good company car.”
Paul: “Jeff….”
Jeff: “And that classic 900 with the busted trans in D.C….”
Paul: “Jeff….”
Jeff: “And that 1978 Volvo 242dl that you did not need.”
Paul: “Jeff….”
Jeff: “What?”
Paul: “I think they’ve stopped reading by now.”
Jeff: “Oh.” 





Erica: (under the left front fender) "So, like the guys said, here at ePartsLand, we're confident we're selling you the best used parts we can find because, chances, are, we've used similar components to keep our cars on the road.”
Jeff: "Now that's not entirely accurate.”
Jeff: "Right. Looking at all these pictures, it seems like we've been using plenty of parts to keep your cars on the road.”
Erica: "Fair enough, Jeff. Fair enough. By the way, the 9-3 needs an oil change. And a differential bushing. And a new seat controller cowling. And a wash. And...."