So anyone who's been to the ePartsland "compound" knows, that it's quite a place.  Interior square footage of the warehouse alone is over 10,000 Sq feet.  And the house that "came with it" is even larger.  The primary purpose of the buy on this property was being able to have a well secured warehouse with modern fire suppression, and cameras.  There is a lot of inventory in there.  But this giant house that also "came with it" was always somewhat of a question.


So what did I do with the house?  Well I live in it!  I also am an AirB&B superhost, and I have hosted hundreds of guests.  The ePartsland warehouse is also here.  Anyone in the ares, look for my listing on the airB&B in Reading - you can stay at the ePartsland compound, check out the Saab Fleet.

If you pop up to the garage while I'm working, you will almost always find me tinkering around with some old car like my Metro RallyX car, or Saab 900 24 hours of Lemons car (not a misspelling)


I also wanted to mention I have a new part time employee that will be helping me list new items.  Hopefully we are able to keep the listing quality as good as always- I know, I never have a single screwed up listing.... HA!

one last run on thought.  I wanted to say I appreciate all my customers on ePartsland.  I have now had over 10,000 sales!  This is huge for us.