It is fairly unlikely that this website would exist without the help I have gotten from my 2 best friends, Paul and Erica!  Without them, This website would likely not exist today.


And for me- Jeff?  I get the parts, and I do the writing for the listings.  I love doing this, and it's one of the only reasons I bother to get up some mornings!  That, and I like helping out customers save money on their car repairs!  I love hearing about customer success stories, so please.  If you have one, tell us about it.  If I use your story in one of our upcoming blog entry, I will give a $200 store credit - you can use it on anything in the store, or even give me a "special request" - even if it's NOT something in the store, I will get it for you if I can!  For our Saab/Volvo customers this is a potentially great value, we have a LOT of inventory for you guys.