Our parts pricing takes into account many things.  What we pay for parts, what others sell parts for, and what we need to make some sort of profit.  We always try to offer our parts at the BEST PRICE anywhere!  Often times, we WILL have the best price anywhere, please shop around and compare.  Occasionally, we have a good price, but you might find an even better price.  If you do, feel free to shoot us an e-mail, along with a link to the item with the better price.  If it's an identical item, there is a good change we can beat it, and offer you up to a 10% discount!  Keep in mind, we DO sell mostly used parts, in GOOD condition with a warranty, and we must require any 10% price match discount parts have a identical or better warranty than ours. 

Epartsland.com always wants to be the best price possible on quality good used parts, with a 30 day warranty, and we want be sure of that!  Please Please Please!  If you find a better price contact us.  Good chance we can beat the price you found and save you money!