Unlike many of our competitors, many parts that we sell we actually test!  Many of the cars we sell parts for, we also have in our own personal fleet.  Saab SID's BMW 750il ECU's Jetronics of many different types, switches, boost pressure control valves, LED lights, idle valves, etc ect etc we do a brief test on to verify operation.  Case and point?  Saab 9-5 climate control units.  If one was to buy a random un-tested unit on ebay, there is about a 50/50 shot that you will get a working one, or one that there is SOMETHING wrong with.  With us?  I plug these into my personal 1999 9-5, and make sure they have working bulbs, the display works properly, the flaps work properly, and that there are no codes stored in the ACC unit for faults after a couple minutes of operation.  about 50% of the units I test FAIL this test in some way!  I do not pass these problems on to our customers, I make sure they are getting a GOOD used unit!  Bulk bad units I sell to re builders.


You may see this in some of our prices!  Yes, we are not always the cheapest, but if you get a bad unit for cheaper somewhere else, and have to return it, and try again... well, was it really cheaper?  I don't think so unless your time is worth nothing!  Anything we are capable of testing, we do test.  Other items which we can not test come with a 30 or 60 day warranty, so you can always send an item back to us.  I have a well used ohm meter, many test vehicles, and a dedication to customer service! 


As always, our items come out of salvage crash damage cars most typically, and never come out of flood or fire damaged cars - "crash damaged" on most older cars can be as minor as slight damage to a fender and a door.  Insurance companys total cars these days for the most minor of damages. this means that even on items we were not able to test, they came out of an operational car, and have a very very high probability of functioning properly.