I don't exactly post a lot of blog posts here, but I do try to post when ever I feel there is something reverent on my mind related to our business!  I know... You are probably just looking for a Peugeot air flow meter, or a Saab 900 Turbo ECU, or another odd-ball part... so there is not a lot of call to read my blog.  But.  I often times feel like what I do many people think is less than important.  My one friend Chris told me (in jest) - "Everything you do turns to shit" - well, many of my ventures over the years have, and at least I tried... but as for ePartsland, I have had nothing but success!  I like to think what I do no one else can or would!  So if you needed some part that was going to cost you $1000, and you got it from us for $200, and it got your car going again, please tell me about it.  It will make me happy, and I will do my job another day!  Because... I honestly like helping our customers save money and keeping their cars going.  It's the reason I do this!  If it were "all about the money" I would probably be in another job.  But I like doing what I do, and I want our customers to be happy with their purchase from us.