VW Volkswagen Bus Transporter ECU ECM BOSCH Computer 1978 Cal Emission AT 0280000168 022906021AF

Vendor: Volkswagen
Type: ECU

VW ECU  021-AF

0 280 000 168    022 906 021AF

Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition VW BUS Bosch ECU . This ECU should fit many 78 VW aircooled models, from a 1978 VW Bus with cal emission and auto trans. I make no fitment guarantees unless your original part number MATCHES the ones listed. VW used several different units over the years, and even different ones the same years for federal Vs California emission, automatic or manual, and various accessories. The info for what units originally came with what cars is sketchy at best so your best bet is to check the ORIGINAL unit in your car / bus. A defective or intermittent ECU can be one of the most common no start or random stalling problems with these Bosch L-Jet controled cars. They can also cause problems with incorrect fuel mixture (lean or rich running) which may cause excess smoke, pinging, overheating, or generally poor running. If yours does not have this problem, keep an extra ECU in the trunk, you might some day be glad you did... These units are no longer available almost everywhere and VERY hard to find a correct unit used. I have many of these, you sould be able to find a correct one for your Vintage VW from me! This comes with a 30 day functionality warranty.

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