VW Volkswagen BUS 76 77 78 79 Mass Air Flow Sensor Meter 0280200018 / 022906301B

Vendor: Volkswagen
Type: Mass Air Flow Meter
sold out!

Volkswagen AMM for ENGINE 0 280 200 018  / 022 906 301B   301-B

Up for sale is a Good working Bosch Volkswagen Bus / Porsche 914 Air cooled, 1976 2.0 Liter 4 cyl AMM. This fits many 8 valve 4 cyl air cooled VW Vans / 914's ( Known as transporter in other markets) Pelican parts has new ones for $1180. How does $199. sound?  Unit is used from a collision salvage car and is in good working condition. Flap works freely output signal looks good. I will warranty it for 30 days after purchase. I bad AMM can cause a lean running condition, loopy idle, no start, runs but has no power, random stalling, excess smoke, pinging, or any other strange running conditions. This is CHEAP compared to new or rebuilt, even at wholesale prices! As with all these flaper type Bosch air flow meters, you may need to do the basic setting adjustment (controlled by the tension screw) in order to dial this in properly for your car. See your cars service manual.

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