VW Golf Scirocco Ignition Knock Sensor Controler ECU ECM 811 907 397E

Vendor: Volkswagen
Type: ECU
sold out!

VW Golf/Jetta Sorocco Ignition control ECU

Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition VW Knock Sensor Control Unit. VW part # 811 907 397 E / 811907397E Module . These fit many CIS VW's with electronic ignition + knock sensing control. Also these fit many non turbo Audi 4000 / 5000 models with K-Jetronic (it's mounted in the radio console in these, in VW's it's usually in the cowell) As always your best bet is to match the part numbers with the part you need, I have 2 types of these. These are similar in function to the EZK ignition boxes and a problem with them will typically cause low power output by not advancing the ignition, no-start, or random stalling. These are also useful if upgrading a non knock sensor car to one that has the knock sensor - this gives a significant bump in performance due to having proper timing control.

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