VW Eurovan 93 1993 T4 Intake Air Temp Sensor 037906040 8050231

Vendor: Volkswagen
Type: Intake Air Temp Sensor
sold out!

tr VW Volkswagen Eurovan T4 Intake Air Temp Sensor 037906040 8050231 / 037 906 040 / 805/023/1 ENGINE VDO unit.Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition Eurovan Air temp sensor. As always your best bet is to match up the part numbers on the unit you need to replace with the numbers on this one. These are located on the far right side of the engine bay (from the cars point of view) on the air intake. This unit offers a 30 day functionality warranty. This particular unit is quite critically important to be in good functioning condition with this fuel injection system, as the ECU uses a MAP sensor & air intake temp sensor to calculate the fuel injection tables, and not an air-mass meter. Be sure your car has a good one. If it is defective, there are many drive-ability and emission issues that it may cause.

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