Volvo Steering Column Wiper Switch Fits VOLVO Fe Fh Fl Fm Dump Truck Tractor 9385140 Heavy Duty

Vendor: Volvo
Type: Switch

Volvo Heavy Duty Truck Tractor-Trailer / Dump Truck Wiper Switch volvo 9385140

This unit removed from a crash damaged NEMF long haul Truck - comes with a 60 day warranty.  Far far cheaper here than OE units, still much cheaper than the crappy aftermarket replacements.  This is OE volvo part.

The following is the interchange for this unit.

  • I
    2015 Volvo VAH
    2015 Volvo VHD
    2015 Volvo VNL
    2014 Volvo VAH
    2014 Volvo VHD
    2014 Volvo VN
    2014 Volvo VNL
    2014 Volvo VNM
    2013 Volvo VAH
    2013 Volvo VHD
    2013 Volvo VN
    2013 Volvo VNL
    2013 Volvo VNM
    2012 Volvo VAH
    2012 Volvo VHD
    2012 Volvo VN
    2012 Volvo VNL
    2012 Volvo VNM
    2011  Volvo VAH
    2011         Volvo VHD
    2011  Volvo VN
    2011  Volvo VNL
    2011         Volvo VNM
    2010 Volvo VHD
    2010 Volvo VN
    2010 Volvo VNL
    2010 Volvo VNM
    2009 Volvo VHD
    2009 Volvo VN
    2009 Volvo VNL
    2009 Volvo VNM
    2008 Volvo VHD
    2008 Volvo VN
    2008 Volvo VNL
    2008 Volvo VNM
    2007 Volvo VHD
    2007 Volvo VN
    2007 Volvo VNL
    2007 Volvo VNM
    2006 Volvo VHD
    2006 Volvo VN
    2006 Volvo VNL
    2006 Volvo VNM
    2005 Volvo VHD
    2005 Volvo VN
    2005 Volvo VNL
    2005 Volvo VNM
    2004 Volvo VHD
    2004 Volvo VN
    2004 Volvo VNL
    2004 Volvo VNM

 This is a good working switch removed from a recent crash damaged insurance totaled car that still ran! the typical failure for these is not staying up while signaling for right turns or the highbeam switch no longer working the highbeams. I have also seen the cruise control function stop operating on these switches as well. Sometimes they also fall apart internally and won't signal at all. This switch like I said works perfectly. The white text on this one is "fair" - at this point though, you know how it works... don't worry about that :) Thanks for looking!

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