Volvo S70 XC70 V70 C70 IGNITION COIL Tower Module set of 5 BOSCH 9125601 0221604001

Vendor: Volvo
Type: Ignition Control
Volvo 5 cyl Ignition coil assembly - set of 5 9125601 0 221 604 001 (ENOUGH FOR REPLACEMENT IN 1 CAR)

Up for sale is A full set of volvo 5 cyl Ignition coil towers.  This is enough for a total replacement in your car!  What you get here is a full set from a running driving car that was recently crash damaged.  This is the original equipment Volvo / Bosch unit Ignition coil tower, not some cheap aftermarket unit.  If you have a misfire code, you should even be able to figure out what coil of yours has gone bad with an OBD-2 reader, replace just that coil, and have a spare for later! If you drive one of these cars daily, or take long trips, you should have a spare on hand at all times!  This set came out of a running car with NO DTC's.  Frequent Check engine light volvo DTC's related to a failed coil pack?  You may have a P0301 P0302 P0303 P0304 P0305  - all which relate to a BAD coil pack.
Units come with a 60 day warranty!  Volvo part number listed at top.  Fits 5 cyl volvos.  A failed unit will cause a no-start condition, and a check engine light & code for misfire fault code.   Often times this unit will fail due to incorrect spark plugs being installed in the car.  Use only the original equipment spark plugs, and these coil modules are highly reliable.  If you run champion or auto-light spark plugs, these modules WILL fail regularly.   


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