Volvo 960 S90 V90 Transmission Ride Switch Sport Economy Winter 3515640

Vendor: Volvo
Type: Switch
sold out!

Volvo 960 ride mode switch- 

3515640 Genuine VOLVO.

 Up for sale is a good used working Volvo 960 V90/S90 transmission ride mode switch.  I see these switches in GROSS condition, very often due to their position in the center console.  I only take NICE good working units.  These units frequently fail, - often due to smokers or people EATING and NOT being NEAT in their cars while they EAT!   Please.  Don't be disgusting. This is a good used unit with a 60 day warranty!  Please don't eat or smoke in your car!  and dealer list is over $150 for this unit!  This is a good used unit from a recent crash damaged car with a 60 day warranty from epartsland.  Volvo Part number 


 This is a very nice unit, cosmetically and functionally! Thanks for buying from epartsland!

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