VOLVO BOSCH 960 S90 V90 Mass Air Flow Meter Sensor 0280217511 1996 1997 1998

Vendor: Volvo
Type: Mass Air Flow Meter
Volvo Inline 6 Mass Air Flow Meter Up for sale is a used Volvo I6 Air Flow meter or "AMM" . The part # is Bosch (0280217511) 0 280 217 511 Volvo / 9 146 483 (9146483) unit is used and is fully runtested in an actual car and offers a 30 day warranty - good used unit, works well! Please be sure you check the part number off of your old one before buying. A bad AMM can cause a lean running condition, lopy idle, a no start, runs but has no power, random stalling, or any other strange running conditions. This is CHEAP compared with a ganuine new or rebuilt, even at wholesale prices! Don't buy the china-made aftermarket units. 1/2 the time they are not even built to the correct specifications and often fail shortly after instilation. My application list states that this fits most- 1994-1996 Volvo 960 (960) 2.5 sedan;1994-1996 Volvo 960 (960) 2.9 Saloon;1997-1998 Volvo S90 2.9 sedan;1997-1998 Volvo V90 2.9 wagon"White Block" inline 6 motors.

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