Volvo 960 740 940 Auto AC Heater Climate Control 960 760 9137014

Vendor: Volvo
Type: Climate Control
sold out!
Volvo Climate Control Unit Up for sale is a Volvo climate control unit. Volvo made several types of these, I probably have the one you need listed. This is in good working Condition, runtested & all buttons ARE WORKING PROPERLY. Part number on unit reads as 9137014 These parts are insanely priced at the dealer, and are still a lot of money for a remanufactured unit. this is about as cheap as you will find for a correct unit anywhere! This is a very good item to use or keep as a spare since these units are so expensive!! A faulty one can be noted by the climate control being stuck on one position regardless of the setting on the climate control, also by buttons that don't function or stick.

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