Volvo 260 262 264 760 PRV-V6 BOSCH Idle Control ECU ECM Computer Control Unit 0280220008

Vendor: Volvo
Type: ECU
sold out!

Volvo 262 idle control LEERLAUFREGLER / Idle Control ECU - For Volvo 262 with the PRV V6 Engine and K-Jetronic fuel injection

Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition Volvo 262 / 264 Idle speed control computer, or "ECU". This unit came out of a 1983 760 V6, it's common to many 81-84 V6 Volvo models. Part number 0 280 220 008 - I have others too, e-mail with our needs if this is not the right one.and may fit other models/years, your best bet is to check the part number on your ecu and make sure it matches this one. The early 240 idle control computers list for over $700! the only places where you can still get them, and are often times the problem with the automatic idle control systems on these cars (if so equipped). If your idle control valve is clean, but your car idles too fast or too slow (usually either when cold or warmed up), this is probably your problem. Please see the close up photo. This is a fantastic bargain compared to a new one. Comes with a 30 day guarantee. Please be sure your idle control valve is clean and functional before installing this unit, or most likely it will simply fail again. 



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