Volvo 240 Chrysler Ignition Distributor 1306059 / 5213065 81 82 83

Vendor: Volvo
Type: Ignition Distributor
sold out!

Volvo 240 4 cyl ignition Distributor - For the "white cap" distributor cars, - Chrysler Ignition.  These units are quite rare, as they only came on SOME US model 1981 1982 & 1983 Volvo 240 models.  These units are a frequent source of issues for these cars causing a no start condition if the hall-effect sensor (internal to the distributor) fails.  This unit comes from a friend of mine, Mike, "The Volvoist" - he tells me I should stock these, so I am doing so! If you know Mike from the Volvo message boards or forums, tell him Jeff says Hi!  


So anyway, this should be a good used unit - and I will give a 30 day warranty on this unit!  Even has a new cap.  I have just this one!  Rare unit from a 30 year old car.

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