Subaru SVX Lower Steering shaft / Universal Joint For steering column

Vendor: Subaru
Type: Universal Joint

Subaru SVX Lower steering shaft 

Up for sale is a very nice SVX Lower steering shaft column assembly.  These have a tendency to seize on one of their axes, causing a very odd steering sensation where the steering will want to "stick" left or right and generally feel very heavy. This is usually much worse when the car had first been started after sitting or when it's cold outside. Often times, the inexperienced or non Svx technician will be convinced that the problem is with the steering rack, usually erroneously replacing the steering rack, but the same problem will still exist with the replacement unit. Also, if this problem is left and not rectified for too long it's puts a very large amount of strain on the steering rack input shaft, and will make the shaft seal fail. Then, you will need a rack in addition to the steering shaft...I know SVX's's, and this is a good working lower steering column. This was from a non rusty lightly crash damaged 94 SVX. Everything is smooth & free, and the bearings are in good working condition. If you have tight sticky feeling steering and your rack is not the problem, this WILL fix it. Price one of these new, This good used unit is listed at significantly less than 1/4 the new part cost.

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