Nissan 300zx OEM ignition Control Unit spark Igniter module PART # 22020 97E11 90 91 92 93 94 95 96

Vendor: Nissan
Type: Amp

Nissan 300ZX 6 Cyl Ignition amplifier 

Up for sale is a good working ignition module  removed from a 91 nissan 300zx. Part # is 22020 97E11. SHOULD fit 90-96 nissan 300zx BUT please check part # to be sure it will work for you



Always carry a spare in your map pocket - I do!These generally last around 100,000-150,000 before a failure, but when it does fail it will cause a stall, and prevent the car from re-starting. If you have no, weak or intermittent spark at the spark plugs, this is often times your problem! This is the device that "hears" the crank & cam sensor on the motor, fires the spark plugs and tells the ECU, "we are good to go, turn on the fuel pump and start working!" Generally if there is a problem with the ignition system on old 300zx's it's either this unit or the wiring to the crank sensor or cam sensor that goes bad. These are fairly easy to replace, and they are over $300 from the dealer for an OEM Diamond unit. Get the part you need here for cheap! These are generally located all the way back in the engine bay, near the center of the engine. Thanks for looking and good luck! 

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