Subaru SVX 1995 95 A64000674 31711AD021 Automatic Transmission Control Module Computer TCM TCU MQ

Vendor: Subaru
Type: ECU

Subaru SVX H6 Transmission ECU  A64 000 674     31711 AD021

Subaru SVX 1995  Elec Cont Unit (Transmission controller); (under dash, driver side), 6 cyl, AT, 

Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition SUbaru SVX TCU - RARE ECU ALERT! This one is hard to find. Should fit some 1995 models -  See part numbers at the top of the listing and match your original,

This unit offers a 30 day functionality warranty. As always with this type of component your best bet is to match the part number to the one on your original unit. Located under the passenger seat. A faulty ECU can potentially cause a whole host of transmission issues, and is frequently misdiagnosed as a faulty transmission!  Check the control unit first.


These units now have to be special ordered from most dealers new for big $$ (often times over $1000!), and you can never find one when you need one. Even now finding a good one second hand is getting to be quite difficult as these cars get older.

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