saab classic 900 transmission oil dipstick side cover - later style turbo SPG rare! 872814

Vendor: Saab
Type: Transmission side cover
sold out!

Saab 900 transmission oil side cover.


This is the later type.  Several reasons why you want this?  It gets rid of your probably rusty or broken early style long tube dip stick that bolts to your exhaust manifold, it's a stronger panel than the stamped steel panel (this alone slightly improves the gearbox flex these are notorious for)  and, if you are doing or are planning on doing a header install, this may be a requirement for you as the early long style dip stick tune will inter-fear with the header!


I would highly recommend this piece -  -  which is available from my friend Luke over on Saabrally! along with this side cover I am selling if you are buying this to improve case flex in a higher than normal powered classic 900.


Note, I have 2 types of these - please see variants.  One had a bolt type dip stick, one has a clip type dip stick.

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