Saab classic 900 Steering SRS air-bag shaft column bearing & collar bushing upper - 8972374 8950701 4903985 8950172

Vendor: Saab
Type: Upper Steering Shaft bearing

Saab 900 / 9000 air-bag Upper steering shaft / column bearing, with sleeve and bushing.  8972374 8950701 4903985 8950172


This is a good used unit, this bearing is NLS from Saab.  These units when they fail cause steering wheel play, up and down.  Includes all 3 parts that connect the upper shaft itself to the cage.  You can generally repair the up/down steering wheel play in your classic 900 column, however these parts to do the fix have been NLA from Saab for years now.  Offered here for sale is a good used set.  This unit is air-bag car specific.

You get all 3 parts here, so you should most likely be able to conduct a successful repair to your upper column and remove the up down side to side play in the steering wheel.  If you catch this problem early enough you can usually save your air-bag clock spring and re-use it (as this is another no longer available Saab part) - if it goes too far you will need a clock spring too.  I have these as well in stock and ready to ship if you need this as well.





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