SAAB Classic 900 Siemens SRS System Air Bag ECM ECU CONTROL BOX 4116695 90 91 92 93 94 5WK4-032 41 16 695

Vendor: Saab
Type: SRS control unit




Up for sale is a good functional Saab 900 classic Air Bag control unit.  Original equipment to 1990-1994 classic 900 cars with the driver side air-bag.  All C-900's in the US from 90-94 were equipped with the SRS driver side air bag system.  In some states, the SRS light being on will cause your car to fail it's annual state inspection!

This is a good used unit, however since it is a piece of USED safety equipment, it lists as-is no warranty.  Just about the only way to diagnose a fault in one of these units is with the Saab I-sat tool, the saab air-bag tester, or the tech-2 with proper attachments.  See your independent Saab specialist shop!   If your fault code is with the control unit itself, then replacement with a good used unit is your only option, as these recently went NLA from saab.  Before they went NLA, they listed at $1374.56! Try clearing fault codes first, if the fault code related to the control unit persists, you must replace this unit.  If the SRS system fault code clears and the SRS light stays off, the air bag WILL deploy in the event of a crash.

These are located on the center crash-bar of the car, up above the steering column.  They are a bit tricky to remove to say the least!  Be sure your fault is with this control unit before attempting a replacement.  Saab book-rate says replacement of this unit should take 2 hours.

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