Saab Classic 900 Ignition Switch Contact Unit 8567505 SPG AERO TURBO 1979-1993

Vendor: Saab
Type: Switch
Saab 900 Ignition Switch / 8567505 48792000

Listed here is a good used Saab 900 ignition switch switch from a recent crash damaged 1992 900-S.  This unit functions properly.  

Typical problems with this switch include
- Loss of return function - unit "sticks" in start position
- Defective contact units, which can cause a whole host of problems including no start, or non functional electrical items.  there are many contacts in this unit, if some don't work, several very strange things can happen electrically when attempting to start.
- failure of the key in ignition indicator

This unit was checked for all of this, and for normal function, it works great!

 List price at SaabUSA was once really inexpensive, however in the last 8 years these units have gone in and out of back order, and it is currently on back order.

I will offer a 30 day functionality guarantee ,Thanks for looking and good luck!

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