Saab 99 Turbo 1978 Ignition Distributor 0237002026 / 0 237 002 026 BOSCH

Vendor: Saab
Type: Ignition Distributor
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Saab 99 Turbo 8 valve B-motor Turbo Distributor 1978

Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition Saab 99 turbo distributor. These also fit 900 turbos in 1979 and 1980 ONLY, Bosch part number 0237002026 . A faulty distributor is one of the most common (and more expensive to fix) no start problems with these cars. If the hall sensor inside the distributor fails or the connector is broken off of the distributor housing (common) this will cause no spark at the plugs (but you will have spark at the coil), as well as no ECU/fuel pump function. 

All B-motor turbo distributors are not the exact same! 1978 99 turbos have an ignition advance vacuum capsule only.  in 1979, the 900 picked up a retard boost retard capsule rather than just advance, which it had in both 79 & 80 900-turbos.  This actually makes the car feel a little less peppy, however decreases it's chances of pinging, or burning exhaust valves, both of which are common in 78 99 turbos.  I recommend using which ever one your B-motor runs best with.  An interesting tid bit?  You can install a boost retard capsul on THIS distributor rather than the advance if you so desire.  You can find them on ANY 900 turbo, all the way to 1993, and they connect right up to THIS distributor, just 2 screws to exchange them.  This will allow for a few degrees less timing, under boost only.  You will get a smig less power, but cooler combustion chamber temperatures and less chance of knock, pinging detonation.  A good thing for these non APC cars with no intercooler!

But again, this is the EXACT unit 1978 99 turbos rolled out of the factory with, and will work on 79& 80 900-turbos.

This unit has been NLA from Saab for several years, and rebuild kits are also unavailable . Re manufactured distributors start at around $450 for one of the cheapest.  This one was removed and runtested with my oscilloscope, functions properly. Though this is probably an original never rebuilt unit, it did not appear to have any oily residue inside the cap which means it should not leak internally. 

This comes with a 30 day functionality guarantee! Thanks for looking!

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