Saab 9522061 95 22 061 9-5 9-3 900 9000 Multi Purpose Relay Hella 4RA00351050 / 4RA 003 515 50

Vendor: Saab
Type: Relay
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Saab 900 9000 9-5 Multi purpose relay.  This is a good used tested unit.  These relays are literally all over the fuse boxes of these cars.  These control -

Relay main control, fog light, cooling fan, starter, AC compressor, fuel pump, rear wiper, fuel injection system, ignition, intermittent wiper, headlight, pressure monitor, shift interlock, engine management system, horn, seat, climate control, ignition

and probably some others too.  These fit many cars, many makes.  If you have a Hella 4RA00351550 relay, this will work with it.  If you have one of these relays that has failed, you could be stranded.  For the price of these relays you should have a few extras kicking around your car.  Check your relays!  Are they turning brown or are any of the terminals starting to change color?  This may indicate worn points which will cause excess heat (internal to the relay) and an impending failure.

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