SAAB 95 9-5 CARTRONIC BOSCH 1397212013 5149869 Rain Sensing Wipers Rain Sensor control unit Aero

Vendor: Saab
Type: Sensor

Saab 9-5 02 03 04 05 rain Sensor 1 397 212 013   /   51 49 869


Up for sale is a Saab rain sensor, used so the rain sensing wipers can tell how much rain is on the screen.  These frequently go bad on these cars and cause non or intermittent function on the rain sense setting.  These mount behind the rear view mirror under the plastic decor panel.  They are easy to swap!  This is a good used unit, removed from a recent insurance totaled car.  Saab lists this for over $380.  Way cheaper for a good used unit here...  Also comes with a 60 day satisfaction warranty.


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