SAAB 9000 Turbo Aero TCS Complete ABS Brake Master Cylinder 92 93

Vendor: Saab
Type: ABS
sold out!

Saab 9000 ABS System Master Cylinder. Fits all Classic 9000 with TCS- Should be 92-93 9000-Turbo. 

Up for sale is a complete ABS master cylinder out of a recent crash-damaged 1993 9000 Turbo Aero, and a manual transmission - we were able to runtest this, and the ABS worked no TSL / or ABS light.  This system WORKED.  This system, though usually fairly reliable in the 9000's can be very expensive to repair if you do have a failure. For sale here is a totally 100% complete system. Just bolt this in place of a non-functioning system, and this will work. This came out of a relatively low mileage car (123K).I know this won't help my sale of this unit, but from one "saab fan" to another, If you have this system stop working, before you replace it, wait, and read further.The components that are economical to replace Independently of the rest of the system are the nitrogen ball (also known as the accumulator), and the pressure switch. If you are getting a brake / ABS light coming on when you step on the brake pedal, or are getting a slight brake delay when stopping hard, you probably have a bad pressure switch and accumulator (the black ball). Try replacing these first. These components together you can get for around $600 brand new. If you have a continuous ABS light on when driving, but are not getting a brake light, this is typically due to an electrical issue and not the ABS system itself. Most typically wheel speed sensors.Issues that are not worth trying to fix without a total replacement are the following.If you have the hydraulic pump fail, you will have a very hard pedal, and only about 10% of your normal braking power. The car will unfortunately not be drivable in this state, and you should have it towed. Also, if you have brake fluid leaks from the back 1/2 of this unit it typically means that the master cylinder has started leaking. Either of these failures the only economical thing to do is to replace it with a good used unit, as the cost of these components new will exceed the value of even the nicest C-900's, and you can get them good used for 1/10 the cost the dealer will charge you - right here! Again, this is the complete system. This has the accumulator, pressure switch, hydraulic pump, master cylinder, tank, distribution block. These parts new would run you nearly $5000. Don't believe me? Call your dealer and price em.

R&R of this unit typically takes about an hour or 3.

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