Saab 9000 Turbo Tail Lamp Lamp Hella Control Relay 9564139 88 89 90 91 5KG00471109

Vendor: Saab
Type: Relay
Saab Tail Light control relay  LAMPCONTROLRELAY  95 64 139   88 89 90 91  5KG 004 711 09

Up for sale is a Good working Saab 9000 "LAMPCONTROL" RELAY. This sometimes lists as the "bulb check" relay, though it is much more than that.  This unit acts as a pass-through for the tail light and turn signal voltage, and if a bulb goes out, this control unit will detect a change in resistance readings, and it will illuminate the display on the gauge cluster letting the driver know a bulb has failed.  If this unit is faulty you may have the loss of one or all tailights or turn signals or erroneous readings on the picture of your 9000 in the gauge cluster...  You don't want that!  Although these units are often reliable for "the life of the car" - typical life being 150K? I have personally seen failures of these units!  This unit is on your fuse panel (on top of it, with the rest of your relays)

As already stated, The typical failure of this unit is intermittent outage of one of the tailights that may come and go, or tail light failure warnings coming up on the 9000 pictogram display, which may or may not actually be happening.  This can be a very frustrating problem but this is a very easy fix!   These relays are over $200 at most saab dealers, and the only other option is a used one. This is a used unit, and it is tested and working fine! Comes with a 30 day guarantee.This will fit many 1993-1998 Saab 9000 models, but check your original part number! These are clipped onto the power antenna bracket, located under the trunk carpeting. Thanks for looking!

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