Saab 9000 Auxiliary Cooling Secondary AC Fan Bosch 4027595, 7550106

Vendor: Saab
Type: Fan

Saab 9000 Secondary AC fan

7598980 4027595, 7550106


This fan is located on the FRONT side of the radiator.  Typical operation of this fan is to run when the AC is on, or when the 2nd stage fan is running.  To test, hook power directly to your original fan.  If the fan runs, yours works.  If it does not, your fan is BAD.  If it runs with power hooked directly to it, but does not run with the AC or 2nd stage fan, there is some other issue.  This unit for sale here is priced at about 1/6 the OEM price.  This is an Original used BOSCH unit.

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