Saab 9000 Manual Heater Climate Control unit 1990-1994

Vendor: Saab
Type: climate control
Saab Manual Climate ControlUp for sales is a excellent used Saab 9000 manual Heater A/C manual button climate control. These are quite fragile and prone to breakage. All the typical breaks are stillin-tact on this unit. Fully functional! This is common on many base non turbo 2.3 liter 9000's from 1990-1994. Not very easy to find, in any condition, much less as nice as this. This part currently lists for over $350 at SaabUSA. Unit was runtested and is functional. Offers a 30 day warranty. Thanks for looking and good luck! SHIPPING & OTHER DETAILS: I use the ebay shipping calculator on all my new listings, it will calculate your exact shipping for either USPS parcel post or USPS priority based on your zip code. please let me know how you like it Vs. the flat rate shipping methods many other sellers use. The main advantage with this system is you will never be overcharged for S&H! A very nice bonus. This is a new seller name for us as we now have 2 locations, but we are not new to ebay. you may e-mail if you wish to view out past feedback expect to receive your part fast and in as described condition, it's the only way to ebay.

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