Saab 9000 Manual climate control Blower Motor Speed Regulator Resistor 4634564 Fan speed control 90 91 92 93

Vendor: Saab
Type: Blower Motor
Saab 9000 Blower Regulator 
Up for sale is a good used Saab 9000 blower speed regulator. Saab part# 4634564 This unit is for the MANUAL climate control systems (the one with the 3 knobs) - NOT the automatic one (the one with the buttons, called ACC) Typically you will find these in BASE model 9000 cars, from 1990-1993 - after that, and before that most 9000's had the ACC option.
The typical failure on these is causes the loss of one or more of the climate control fan speeds, or total loss of fan function. These can also cause blown fuses. List price at SaabUSA was previously nearly $300! get this one for less than you would pay in tax at the dealer! I only sell the OEM units, never aftermarket so they are the same quality as your original. Note, this unit comes with the wiring pigtail included. Often times when you have a resistor failure it is because the terminal has gotten too hot and it melts your wiring as well. Note that if this has happened this wiring will simply splice to your original harness about an inch or two down and make installing the new resistor a snap.Unit is a good used unit, and I will offer a 30 day functionality guarantee ,Thanks for looking and good luck!

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