Saab 9000 CS CSE AERO Leather Shift Boot W/ Shifter 7598337 4384459 4279303 4477824

Vendor: Saab
Type: Shifter

Saab 9000 Shifter, with leather shift boot.


 Up for sale is a good used Saab Classic 9000 leather shift boot, with shifter.  This unit is no longer available from Saab!  Good used condition.  Leather boot is in better condition than 90% of these that I have seen.  Some wear, no holes, leather is very nice, and solid black, used but real nice.  This leather is OEM to 1994 and later Saab 9000.  This includes the full shifter assembly.  One of the plastic tabs is broken off of the "ball socket" as is typical of these.  You can epoxy it in, or just install it using the 2 remaining tabs- they generally hang in there just fine as long as there are 2 good ones.    If you need any shifter parts, this might be the cheapest way to get them, and you get a nice leather shift boot too~

Happy days!


Some of the saab part numbers for the shifter, boot, shifter components, etc in this assembly are- 7598337 4384459 4279303 4477824 (this unit should include all these, and probably a few more)  

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