Saab 9000 CS CSE AERO Heated Seat Switch pair Turbo 4733275 / 47 33 275

Vendor: Saab
Type: Switch

Saab 9000 heated seat switch pair - 4733275 

 Up for sale is a Saab heated seat switch set. These are from a 1996 9000. These should fit most late model 9000 (1995+). These pretty commonly burn out like a lightbulb and stop functioning. Often times it's not the seat that's the problem with the heated seat, it's the switch! These are very expensive to buy at the dealer ($70+ per unit) and rather hard to find second hand.  I do not guarantee the back-lighting in these units (50/50 shot as to if thats good), but I will guarantee them to function!  You can easily change the back light bulbs if you wish in these late style switches.  Thanks for looking! 


44 39 014

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