Saab Classic 900 Fuel Gas Gauge Sender Unit 8980393 9361965

Vendor: Saab
Type: sender

Saab Fuel Gauge Sending unit  - Note, these are now NLA from SAAB!

8980393 OR  9361965

Up for sale is one Good working Saab 900 / early 9000 fuel gauge sender. Choice of one (I have 2 types, both are pictured) These very commonly fall apart and drop their silver section into the tank causing loss of fuel gauge function. Usually they will read nothing but empty, though sometimes it may flicker up a bit. Note that there are 2 different types of these units, 1 that has flat terminals, and 1 that has the round terminals

round terminal unit is 8980393 the flat terminal unit is 9361965. These were once quite expensive to buy new before they became no longer available from SAAB. This unit is guaranteed to function on arrival but there is no warranty beyond that as these are quite fragile. This is the genuine VEGLIA or VDO (the original manufacturer) part. 

Please note, that these have both been out of stock for some time now from Saab, however, the older type (9361965) are much more common due to the fact that they made a lot more of these cars in the year ranges that they installed these into.  You CAN use the old style sender in newer cars, as they are electrically the same, however, you need the wiring pigtail from the car it was removed to, and you must then splice that into your cars harness (3 wires) - I have a few of these for people whom wish to use the cheaper and more common 9361965 sender in cars that were originally equipped with the 8980393 units.  Save yourself some money doing this.  Or, just buy the correct one, and plug it in, done job.  That's your choice.


C-900's are great! Don't go around with a faulty gas gauge keeping track of your miles driven, it's no way to be. Fix your gauge! 19/20 times this is the problem & it's an easy fix! Changing this out is easy as cake, there is an access hole in your trunk. 

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