Saab 9000 90 91 92 93 Air-Bag / Horn Clock Spring contact ring 4310926

Vendor: Saab
Type: Clock Spring
Saab 9000 Clock Spring 43 10 926
 Up for sale is a good functional Saab 9000 Upper steering shaft & column clock spring assembly. This is the unit that "connects" the air-bag & horns to their associated control devices. It does this through a spool of wire on a laminate film. This unit will turn about 4 turns to the right and 4 turns to the left. You can feel when it stops, however If overextended (which is easy to do by accident) it will break immediately. This component is also frequently broken by mechanics whom remove the steering wheel for one reason or another, and fail to remember to disconnect the clock spring before pulling the wheel.  This unit must be installed correctly or it will break. Sometimes they simply loose continuity from old age, and you will get a continuous SRS light. If you are getting SRS lights, this is very often the cause of the problems. 
 I have tested this unit for continuity with an ohm meter and it works properly through it's travel range. It will come to you as so. I will however not warranty this in any way because of the fragility of this unit, and the potential for destroying it if improperly installed. Therefore, this unit is sold "As-Is" Feel free to check it with your ohm meter when you receive it, it IS functioning perfectly.Also !!please note!! Once the Air-Bag ECU has detected a clock spring fault, it will always illuminate the SRS light, even once the fault has been repaired, and even after disconnecting the battery overnight. You need to have the system fault cleared at a dealer or independent saab shop with either the Saab Air-Bag tool, the "ISAT" or tech-2 with the proper attachments. This should only take about 2-5 minutes, but it IS the only way to clear an SRS fault once the light has been triggered on old style SAABS! My Saab technician would usually do this for me at the price of a case of beer.
This is an original, good used saab manufactured component, made by electrolux / autoliv components company.

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