Saab 900 SE Turbo Radio Amplifier Amp Part 4488003 with DIN cable & bracket 4232807 94 95 96 97 98

Vendor: Saab
Type: Amp

SAAB NG-900 stereo radio amplifier 

 Up for sale is a Working, in excellent condition Saab 900 amplifier.  This set has everything you need to add front door speakers to your base model 900!  Lower model Saab 900's from 1994-1998 did not come with front door speakers, causing an otherwise rather nice sound system to seriously lack bass and midrange.  Check it out, you have speaker grills and wiring, but NO front door speakers!  the only speakers in the front are little 3.5" speakers in the dash.  Many 900 models, 900-S models, and some lower model turbo as well as 2.5 liter V6's all won't have door speakers.  This set, includes the bracket as well as the DIN cable that runs from the head unit to the amp itself.  Install is easy,  Buy yourself some nice quality front door speakers, and plug this unit into your head unit.  You will be amazed at the sound quality improvement!  Drop in deal!

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