Saab 900 or 9000 Primary Headlight Relay CS CSE TURBO R 9566647 / 95 66 647

Vendor: Saab
Type: Relay
Saab 900 / 9000 Head Light Relay Up for sale is a saab 900 or 9000 Headlight relay. This is the primary cause of non working headlights in a 900 or 9000 Saab. the pins on the relay may become burnt and it may stop functioning after a few years. another problem with these relays is the springs can give out causing the relay to stop functioning one or both lights. this can be noted by shaking the relay and hearing things rattle around inside it. I have also had these where they will randomly pop on the headlights, even with the car off which should never happen. this is also a good part to keep as an extra! they are well over $100 at the dealer... Check your part number to verify you have the right one. I have 2 listed which will fit all 900's back to 1987 and 9000- all years.

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