Saab 900 Intercooler Unit, Genuine Blackstone Classic Turbo / SPG 85 900 SPG all aluminum 7540271

Vendor: Saab
Type: intercooler

Saab 900 Turbo intercooler Unit 75 40 271


Up for sale is a good used Saab classic 900, Turbo inter-cooler.  This is in nice shape.  This unit will fit ALL classic 900 Turbo & SPG cars- It is the all aluminum design, which was specific to the EARLY 900-turbo & SPG cars, in 1985 only.


This unit is no longer available from Saab, so good used is your only option!  Back when you could still buy them new, these were over $800!  Aside from being damaged by crash damage, These units occasionally fail their internal O-rings that seals the plastic end tanks to the aluminum "cooler" portion.  If this happens you will note an oily residue near the cooler, often times this will also include a dirt & oil accumulate that will just about cover the intercooler and the surrounding area.  If you have this, this means you have a boost leak from your intercooler.  Aside from a mess, this will cause the car to run excessively rich, smoke under boost, have less power, and possibly hard starting.  You do not want a boost leak on a classic 900.  Saab lists these at nearly $800 for a new one.  Ridiculous.  Buy a good used one from me!


Anyway, this is a good used unit.  I have not pressure tested it, but it is clean aside from normal use dirt, so it should be just fine.  I will warranty it for 60 days after purchase.


Also, if you need pipework, or brackets for this unit, I have that too, just e-mail. 



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