Saab 900 FRONT Seat Belt Buckle Receivers 4079943 for 91 92 93 with power seats

Vendor: Saab
Type: Seat Belt Buckle
sold out!

Saab 9000 900 Seat belt buckles receiver pair Fits most 1991-1993 saab 900, and passive belt 900, from 1988-1990 - Unit FITS these, but is ORIGINAL to 91 92 & 93 900 and 900 convertible with DUAL with power seats- non memory function.  There are a few different variants of these receivers, that have a slightly different length of receiver, however they should still interchange.  Please see your original part number (it's stamped on the receiver itself) in order to verify EXACT fit.  I try to keep all variants of these in stock when ever I can!  this is for 1 pair of 4079943 receivers.

Up for sale is a good working used Saab Classic 900 / 9000 seat belt buckle set, driver & passenger side. Good functional units, in reasonably good, used cosmetic condition. These are rather difficult to find in good used condition. These are mounted to the seats, and have the hoop style receiver, This pair is listed at about 1/8 the price this set used to cost at the dealer, so in addition to these being rare as hens teeth - this is a fantastic deal.THIS IS MY LAST SET OF THESE I HAVE IN STOCK - IT MAY BE SOME TIME BEFORE I GET ANOTHER>>>> IF EVER Note, to answer a question, the wire that comes out of the driver side receiver is to deactivate the seatbelt warning light (if you are plugged into the receiver before you start the car, the seatbelt warning light will never illuminate. I know C-900's, and this is a good working pair. Don't go around with busted seat belt receivers, it is a safety hazard. Replace yours with this good working pair now.


Note, these units have the seat belt warning sensors (Illuminates the light) - the connectors are not included, you can either splice into your original harness, or you can just leave them un plugged (and you will never have a seatbelt warning light)

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