Saab 900 Classic Turbo SPG Gas Fuel Filler Neck - Good used 9335118

Vendor: Saab
Type: Filler neck
sold out!

Saab 900 filler neck  93 35 118

Up for sale is a good used Saab 900 filler neck assembly.  Good used condition no cracks. pretty sure this is a recent replacement.  Saab lists these at $146 - I have this recent unit listed at about 1/2 that.  At some point they improved the design of these to reduce the instances of cracking.  This unit IS one of the "later units" which tends to only crack when you drive off with a gas filler still in it!  Original units are almost always cracked!  If you let it go too far, the gas flap will fall off.  A crack that causes the tank to not hold pressure can also cause a check engine light.

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