92-93 Saab 900 Classic Turbo SPG Blower Motor Heater Fan Nippen Denso 4073698 / 282500-0012

Vendor: Saab
Type: Blower Motor
Saab 900 Climate control Blower Motor 

Up for sale is a good used blower motor out of a Classic 900.  You need to check and see if this is the fan you have, as some of the early Vs late cars use either a Magneti Marelli OR a Electrolux fan OR an NippenDenso Unit !  This is the Nippen Denso version   Check your original part number.  These are located under the dash board. 

 I am pretty sure this is an original unit, - it has been tested, and still works great. I even checked it's waveform, and it's still quite nice. A "dirty" waveform will indicate worn brushes or a high load due to worn bearings. This is nice and quiet and powerful. excellent low cost alternative to overpriced, under performing new units. This unit can be easy to change for the DYI mechanic with use of a Bentley service manual, or have your mechanic do it. 2 hour job. This unit should offer many more years of dependable service. Any Saab fans I sell come with a 60 day functionality warranty. If an any point during the 60 days after you purchase the fan it stops working, send it back and I will get another one to you.  Please compare the price & warranty of this unit to the price & warranty of a NEW unit. The Warranty is about the same & the price is about 1/5 the price of a dealer replacement unit! You can't go wrong with this.

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