Saab 900 Classic Turbo BOSCH Electric Radiator Fan 8594764 8337859 SPG

Vendor: Saab
Type: Fan

Saab 900 classic Bosch Radiator fan fan

85 94 764 (fan)  83 37 859 (shroud) - both included - Original, good used, TESTED, BOSCH unit.

These units are used in all classic 900's - in non turbos, this is the driver side fan - (the passenger side is different), in 900 TURBO this fan is used on BOTH sides of the radiator.  These BOSCH fans are typically fairly reliable, however when a failure does happen, you typically will start having a problem blowing your 30 amp fan fuse.  This is indicative of a fan that is drawing too many amps, due to bad bearings.  Very frequently, 91-93 cars have this happen much more often than others, as they cheeped up the fans in those years - if you have a 91-93 Saab, and still have your AC-delco fans, you will experience a failure with these units!  They should be replaced with BOSCH fans.  If your are having a problem with your fans simply not running, this is typically an issue with the fan switch (located on the left hand side of the radiator) -

 you can test your fans by powering them directly with a 15 amp battery charger.  If you are drawing more than 15 amps at turn on, or about 9-10 amps continuous load, your fans are bad.  


 This unit for sale here is priced at about 1/6 the OEM price.  This is an Original used BOSCH unit.

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