Saab 900 Classic Tail Light circuit board panel 4 door / Convertible 8585986 right hand Passenger Side

Vendor: Saab
Type: Tail Light

Saab 900 Circuit board



Up for sale is a good used 900 rear circuit board.  Fits convertible and 4 door cars.   Good used condition.  These units are generally fairly reliable, however they typically toast their ground wire and stop working  It is an inherent design flaw of these boards that all the bulbs have their own positive wire, and ALL power grounds through a single overloaded ground wire..  You can easily re-ground these units, and they will work as new.  Sometime these, being that these are used units will already come with an extra ground wire attached to the board, just plug the boards in, and ground them anywhere you want with a self tapping screw, and your tail light will work again (you then have the saab classic 900 tail light ground fix - You can look this up further on the internet Bullitan boards, this had to be done on these cars under warranty in some instances.). This modification is highly recommended even if you DON'T already have bad tail light ground wiring, as this will eventually happen to all cars.


Good used condition. Back when you could still buy these new, they cost even more than the tail lights did!

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