SAAB 900 Classic SPG Turbo dashboard speaker set, with Amplifier loudspeaker set 8587644 / 9237493 / 9237485

Vendor: Saab
Type: wierd Saab accesories

Saab 900 Classic Dash speaker set.  I know very little about this set up, except it was likely original for 79-80 81 US model 900 cars.  I believe it has the wiring to directly interface with what ever radios these cars originally came with.  It will probably work in others too, but I have no idea.  The kit comes with a large bundle of wiring, and a dash volume knob on a Saab classic 900 dummy button, a 40 watt RMS Linear amplifier, and the 2 "high output" speakers.  The speakers are intended to be mounted on the dash, and they fit the pin-mounts for the standard speaker locations on the classic 900 speaker grills.


I got this set up from Jim Fornos Saab-world in Endicott NY when it went out of business about 8 years ago.  This had been stashed up in there attic for years before that, and I had it stashed for years too.  Box has a little water damage but the speakers and amp still look new.


I am selling these as-is, as they are a 30+ year old audio component.  Kind of a neat saab accessory, I don't think you'd ever find another.

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