Saab 900 Classic Plastic Sunroof Ramp Slide Dog 9292913 8248270 8248288 9280736 Rare

Vendor: Saab
Type: piece

Saab 900 classic sunroof ramp set


These are in good used condition.  These parts have gone NLA from Saab, and you can only find them used!  This is a full set of the plastic ramps.  These are correct for all classic 900's with a factory installed sunroof, manual or power.  If you close your sunroof, but the sunroof does not raise up to go flush with the roof on one side or both when it's at the "fully closed" position, very very likely one of the ramps has broken.  The metal roof will sit down about a 1/2" and the car will leak leak leak!  The guide holders (which are also plastic) are included here as well. - all 4 of these parts are critical for the functioning of these sunroof assemblies, and are all no longer available from Saab!  This is a good set of the 4 parts that are often broken.  These are very easy to change, and will restore the proper function of your sunroof.

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