Saab 900 classic 1985 85 16V Turbo SPG Main LH Jetronic wiring harness

Vendor: Saab
Type: wiring harness
sold out!

85 Turbo, 16 valve wiring harness.

Good used condition, unit is a replacement harness, sometime in the 90's.  Good shape.  It shows NO obvious deterioration.  This unit is specific to the 1985 900-turbo or 900 SPG 16 valve cars.  These harnesses have a tendency to fall apart with age, as the original units are made with bio degradable wiring.  This unit, being a replacement harness is made with much better wiring.  These were over $600 from Saab when you could still buy them, but these have been NLA for years now.

Several of my friends have had 85 900-turbos over the years!  When the wiring harness starts to fail on these cars, very strange things start happening.  My one Friend Tim Borka had an 85 900-SPG that would start it self in the middle of the night, drive for a few seconds (in reverse) and shut off again, and when it rained the car would flood it's intake manifold with gasoline (it would turn the injectors fully on, sitting still).  These are just 2 of many potential problems with these units.

Anyway, this is a great find!  Personally, I would highly suggest also checking and correcting any wiring deficiencies that you find in the pair of 6 post connections on the car side that plug into this harness by the master cylinder.  Most likely you are going to find deterioration in this area leading into the car, but usually it stops there.  It's the engine bay heat that damaged these harnesses.

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