Saab 900 9000 Turbo Trionic 5 ECU Stage Tuning 1 2 or 3

Vendor: Saab
Type: ECU

I am happy to say that with the software developments at , E-parts Land is able to offer Saab Stage tuning for all Trionic 5 Turbo Saabs! This includes 1993-1998 Saab 900 Turbo as well as 1999 9-3 and 1994-1998 Saab 9000 CS CSE and Aero models. In addition to this, we can update all LPT 9000 CS models to FPT.

As most Saab aficionados know, stage tuning for Trionic 5 cars used to cost $500 or more. No longer! This is NOT some gimmick that claims to add 50 HP by adding some resistor to your map sensor signal. This is the real deal Re-programmed ECU that is totally optimized and specifically tuned to your vehicle. We are capable of tuning your car to either stage 1, 2 or 3, or creating a stock replacement ECU for your specific car.

We need to know the year, model and trim level (CS, SE CSE, Aero) and manual or automatic. In some cases we will need to know the original part number on your ECU. Please e-mail me about this if you have any questions. You will get you all this, programmed onto an ECU sent to your door (shipping to you included!). The core cost on this is $75, So when you send us back a usable core, we will refund you the $75 core charge which is not included in the auction total (it's like a deposit). If you wish to avoid the core charge entirely, No problem. we would however require you to send us your original ECU before we can ship out to you. Note that you pay the shipping of the core ecu back to us, but shipping to you is included in the auction price.


Specifications for stage tuning –

NG-900 (1994-1998) / 9-3 (1999) Trionic 5

Stage 1 230 BHP – Hardware requirement – Recommended Open Air Filter

Stage 2 235 BHP – Hardware requirement – Open Air Filter

Stage 3 250 BHP – Hardware requirement – Open Air Filter / 3” Exhaust, Turbo back


9000 CS/CSE (1993-1998) Trionic 5.2 & 5

Stage 1 245 BHP – Hardware requirement – Recommended Open Air Filter

Stage 2 250 BHP – Hardware requirement – Open Air Filter

Stage 3 265 BHP – Hardware requirement – Open Air Filter / 3” Exhaust, Turbo back


9000 Aero Trionic 5

Stage 1 260 BHP – Hardware requirement – Recommended Open Air Filter

Stage 2 270 BHP – Hardware requirement – Open Air Filter

Stage 3 280 BHP – Hardware requirement – Open Air Filter / 3” Exhaust, Turbo back


Thanks for looking, please e-mail with any questions! Also, see our recent feedback! We are now quite experienced having successfully tuned over 60 individual vehicles, many with custom requests. We are also capable of doing T5.2 cars (1993 9000 models) but we may need a core from you before we can ship, and it may take us a little more time to make than the others. Also, we are capable of doing certain custom requests, such as stage tuning on an B234 2.3LITER (9000) engine in an NG-900 originally equipped with the 2.0 engine, revised maximum rev limit, revised maximum boost levels in 1st & 2nd gears, as well as stage 4 tuning on NG-900/9000 models, however in addition to the stage 3 hardware requirements, this is only recommended for manual transmission cars with an upgraded clutch. E-mails us if you have custom requests, we may be able to supply you with what you need.Also, this comes with our "no charge for changes" policy. If at some time in the 30 days after the sale, you would like it adjusted to an alternate stage (more or less) we can do it for just the cost of return shipping. Not many other tuners provide this level of customer service, especially at this price! Please keep in mind after the sale, we are here to help. Every ECU comes with our FAQ list that helps our customers with instillation, adaptation & getting most out of their tune. If you have any problems questions or concerns give us a call or e-mail. We are experienced troubleshooters so you won't be left on your own if you have a problem. We also love it when people come to our place for an in-person tune. If you are near Reading PA, contact us and we can set up an appointment. Free instillation & testing if we do an in-person job for you!Also, we are now able to update trionic 5 software to work with the trionic 7 BPC's (boost pressure controllers) - these are the units found in all Saab 9-5's and later OG 9-3's This is very advantageous as the T7 BPC's are far more reliable and provide more consistent boost pressure than the T5 BPC units. They are also significantly cheaper! We can make this software update to your ECU, and provide you with the adapter harness & NEW Genuine Saab BPC, which allows you to plug in a T7 BPC directly to your unmodified harness for an additional $150 - significantly cheaper than a new T5 BPC! I highly recommend this modification!

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