Saab 900 9000 classic Cruise Control Vacuum pump motor TURBO SPG Rare 8587024 rare

Vendor: Saab
Type: Vacuum pump
Saab 900 / 9000 Cruise control control vacuum pump motor module

Up for sale is a Good used, working saab 900 Cruise Control 

vacuum pump motor Made in Germany, by Hella 

Check your original part number to be sure of proper fit.  Works fine and comes with a 30 day warranty. Please see diagram for the technical details.

This unit generates the vacuum used by the cruise control vacuum diaphragm to physically actuate the gas pedal.  To diagnose, you can jumper the unit to power it directly, and observe the throttle plate.  If it actuates, your pump is working.  If it does not, check for vacuum leaks.  If found, repair and re-test the system.  If no leaks, and the throttle actuates but the cruise control still does not work, your problem lies elsewhere. - check the cruise ECU and the pedal switches.  This unit, being that it is so cheap is a good unit for guess and check as well!  If it's your problem, swap it and it's fixed.  If not, you have a good spare.  - we test all units for functionality.

 Don't go around in your classic 900 with a non working cruise control system, there is a good chance this is an easy fix and you will have working cruise again! Thanks for looking and good luck!

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